MAsters Men

Age 35 and Over

Our Masters men's team includes players of all levels of experience who continue to compete in rugby league despite being over the age of 35. We provide a supportive and competitive environment for players of all skill levels and abilities, promoting fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our team is a testament to the enduring love of rugby league and the lifelong benefits that come with continued physical activity and community engagement. 

"We don’t stop playing because we’re old - we get old because we stop playing."

Where and When

Our masters team have a more relaxed pace than the other sides. We play roughly one game a month, with ad hoc training sessions.

We play our home games at Streatham & Croydon Rugby Club, CR7 7JW.

How to Join

We welcome all men over the age of 35 to come and play rugby league.

Please register your interest by completing the online registration form.

We use the Spond app to manage communication and share information about training sessions and matches.  Download: Apple, Google.

If you have any questions, please email us.

What is Masters Rugby?

Masters rugby league is strictly a social version of the sport for those 35 and over who are retired from open age rugby league.

Brixton Bulls are affiliated to the RFL and we play in the spirit of the game and in full alignment with the rules. No under-age ringers, no rough play, all matches end in a draw, and the traditional two team cheer!

See Masters Rugby League for the rules.